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Sing-and-fling Acts

‘Sing-and-fling’ is exactly what it sounds like; a mixture of Burlesque striptease and live vocals. Harking back to the heyday of Burlesque, the ‘sing-and-fling’ was popularised by Gypsy Rose Lee, but is practised by only a handful of performers now.

Cherryfox®’s particular brand of ‘sing-and-fling’ combines classic vintage glamour with 80’s alternative musical influences. ‘Sing-and-fling’s can be performed as single acts or as 3 track sets. With more than ten years experience as a professional vocalist, Cherryfox® has a vast repertoire covering many musical genres. Custom sets can but put together to perfectly suit your event.

Stand alone 'Sing-and-fling' acts

Dark Sensual Acts:

The Executive

Performed to an instrumental version of ‘Queer’ by Garbage, with live vocals.

In this ‘sing-and-fling’ piece, Cherryfox® plays the ‘Power Bitch’ - She might be a wealthy executive or perhaps an executive escort, the reading is up to the audience. She is the devil on your shoulder, rationalising and permitting you to indulge in your base urges, the siren of your dark side encouraging your indiscretions. With threatening strength, She bids you “take a look at Me… let Me dirty up your mind…” A dark act that blends sensual ‘Dynasty’ glamour with aggressive indie angst.

The Predator

Performed to an instrumental version of ‘Lullaby’ by the Cure, with live vocals.

In this ‘sing-and-fling’ piece, Cherryfox® plays both the deadly ‘Black Widow’ and Her fearful, yet entranced, victim. The ‘Black Widow’ is on the prowl and Her shivering prey awaits the arrival of the deadly beauty, with a lush mixture of fear and anticipation. Our carnivorous villainess always hits Her mark and Her complicit prey is more than grateful. A dark act that features an unsettling blend of classic femme noir glamour and gothic villainess.

The Addicted

Performed to an instrumental version of ‘Tainted Love’ Marilyn Manson arrangement, with live vocals.

In this ‘sing-and-fling’ piece, Cherryfox® is a woman addicted to love who struggles with, and ultimately succumbs to, the passion and pain felt in a destructive relationship. This piece was designed for The Festival of the Erotic Arts, combining the concepts of ‘hard and soft, pleasure and pain’. A dark act aesthetically inspired by a combination of 1920's sirens like Louise Brooks, and 80's punk military styling.

The Vixen

Performed to an instrumental version of 'Feed My Frankenstein' by Alice Cooper, original 'dirty swing' arrangement, with live vocals.

In this 'sing-and-fling' piece, Cherryfox® is the good-girl-gone-bad. Paying tribute to Her B-movie Heroines, She invokes the spirit of Dracula’s Lucy Westenra post transformation: manipulative...and hungry. An upbeat Rock act with costuming inspired by Alice Cooper and promo photographs of Yutte Stensgaard, leading lady in 'Lust for a Vampire', reputedly the worst Hammer Horror ever made.

Upbeat, Fun Acts:

The Rebel Show Grrrl

Performed to an instrumental version of 'Rebel Rebel' by David Bowie, with live vocals.

This 'sing-and-fling' piece showcases Cherryfox®'s trademark mixture of vintage class and 80's trash. Beginning the act She appears every inch the classic vintage songstress but, come the second chorus, She reveals the 'Hot Tramp' underneath. An upbeat 'sing along' act that leaves any audience surprised and amused.

But I Haven't a Stitch to Wear!

Performed to an instrumental version of 'This Charming Man' by The Smiths, with live vocals.

A simple, fun, 'sing-and-fling' piece. Cherryfox® hasn't a stitch to wear, except a costume encrusted with so many crystals that She might be mistaken for a human chandelier! Lightly poking fun at standard burlesque tropes, this upbeat 'sing along' act combines Her love of over-the-top glamour with Her love of Indie/Britpop.

Nightie Night

Performed to instrumental version of 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' by Mama Cass, with live vocals.

In this 'sing-and-fling' piece, Cherryfox® and Her furry friend Ceifur sing you a lullaby while they get ready for bed. A soft, sweet act with a splash of visual comedy. This gentle piece leaves an audience feeling warm and contented, like a fluffy burlesque blanket.

Vintage Style Acts:

The Leading Lady

Performed to an instrumental version of ‘Caramel’ by Suzanne Vega, with live vocals

In this 'sing-and-fling' piece, Cherryfox® plays 'The Leading Lady' - a tribute to Her Heroines from the Golden Era of Hollywood. In classic style, our Heroine is not free to follow Her own urges, but battles with Her choices. A classic chanteuse piece, with Deco-inspired costuming and a subtle upbeat feel.

The Good Girl?

Performed to an instrumental version of ‘What Would Happen?’ by Meredith Brooks, with live vocals.

A 'sing-and-fling' piece about the most erotic and perfect part of any relationship – the fantasy before it even starts. Cherryfox® is the Golden Era Hollywood 'Good Girl'. The chaste heroine who broods on Her love until that eventual roll in the sand, minutes before the closing credits. Costume inspired by the gentle glamour icons of Hollywood Golden Era, like Deborah Kerr, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Elizabeth Taylor. A sweet sensual piece designed to show the softer side of Cherryfox®.

Sing-and-fling sets

3 track sets can be specially compiled to fit the theme of your event

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