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Cherryfox® Burlesque and Cabaret

By day, Cherryfox® is a mild-mannered professional photographer and costumier; by night, She is a burlesque fascinatrix and ‘sing-and-fling’ show grrrl. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, She has over ten years professional experience as a vocalist and burlesque performer.

Cherryfox® has performed at many high profile events in the UK and abroad, including The Slipper Room in New York City, Torture Garden, Kinky and Quirky, and Whitby Goth Weekend – a full list is available on request. She has also held many residencies including Henry’s Cabaret, Kabarett at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 & 2012, Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham, Red Rocks and runs Her own show Silhouette Burlesque.

Aesthetically, Cherryfox® blends classic femme noir with punk, goth and riot grrrl influences. This fusion is also represented in Her musical choices and delivery. Inspired by artists such as Cindy Sherman and Helen Chadwick, Her performance work utilises traditional female sexual stereotypes to subvert and return the audience gaze with a knowing smile. She designs and produces all Her own costumes and makes Her own promotional images.

With a repertoire of over 300 tracks, Cherryfox® can provide any genre of music to fit with the theme of your event. Cherryfox® can also provide a booking service to book other performers, PA systems, sound & lighting engineers or DJs for your event.


Cherryfox® - like a slutty Julie Andrews or a really sexy lampshade

Myra Dubois

Cherryfox®'s performances connect to the punk spirit of the early years of the neo-burlesque revival

Gareth Vile, The Skinny

Cherryfox® : fabulously attired, punk inspired, my Grrrrl Friday

Dee Itsy, Torture Garden, Kabarett

Cherryfox® : The only woman I know who can wear 4 costumes in one act, just incredible

Lili La Scala, Another F*cking Variety Show