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Silhouette Burlesque

Cherryfox® presents Silhouette Burlesque; a revue to delight fans of everything from follies-style fan dancers and Vegas Bump & Grind, to pantomime comedy and punk-inspired neo-burlesque. Each event sees a different cast of burlesque beauties, cabaret curiosities, circus, and music.
Header photo (C) Mark Liddell

Here's a little teaser video of our 2013 Edinburgh Fringe run at The Tron Kirk

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The History of Silhouette Burlesque

Silhouette Burlesque began in 2007 as a members night at The Appleby, Burton on Trent. The event was designed to showcase the many different styles of Burlesque to a new audience as Burlesque began its current resurgence. The event quickly became known as a special and intimate place to see the (then) upcoming stars of Burlesque. Some of our first performers included superstar Anna Fur Laxis and International stars such as Lady Wildflower, Lexi Lee, Vendetta Vain, Daiquiri Dusk & Ginger La Rouge.

With heavy heart Silhouette Burlesque ended its run at The Appleby in 2010 and went underground running private events until its grand return at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013. Held at the historic Tron Kirk Edinburgh, Silhouette Burlesque came back with bang. Capacity audiences every night watched the new format Silhouette Burlesque show, now also featuring cabaret, circus, variety and music acts (all with a saucy twist) as well as stunning burlesque starlets. We were pleased to welcome back many of the stars who were just starting out when we were, now at the top of their game and internationally famous! As Silhouette Burlesque is now based in Scotland, we endeavour to showcase the best Scottish acts, along side those from all over the world. We subsequently produced a short run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Now Silhouette Burlesque has gone underground again, bringing punk infused burlesque cabaret to private events all over the country. Get in touch to book a Silhouette Burlesque show for your venue or event.