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Burlesque Acts

While Cherryfox® prefers to perform Her ‘Sing-&-Fling’ acts, for venues without the capability for live vocals Cherryfox® has a range of Burlesque acts with different moods and themes, custom acts can also be created for special events.

Sultry Sensual Acts

Missed Me?

to ‘Missed Me’ by the Dresden Dolls.

Cherryfox®, a scorned women, or a broken discarded china doll, is out for revenge in this warped tribute to the classic cane dances of the golden era of Hollywood. Mixed with a little of Her own creepy gothic magic, Cherryfox® struts and kicks Her way through this vivid monochromatic routine. It might be in black and white but it’s definitely not dull!

A Leopard Can’t Change Her Spots?

to ‘The Lovecats’ performed by Tricky.

Cherryfox®’s second signature routine. Who says a leopard can’t change its spots? In this routine Cherryfox® proves that a leopard can definitely remove Her spots even if She can’t change em! Be sure to get a glimpse of this rare and elusive animal: the pink spotted Cherryfox®! A fluid, feline routine, which is exactly what Cherryfox® does best.

Classic Elegant Acts

Silent Siren

to ‘This is Hardcore’ by Pulp

In this 1920’s inspired routine, Cherryfox® plays the classic, elegant, silent movie heroine. Upon finding an unusual flower She finds Herself overcome with strange urges, and a feeling She’s being watched. Of course, the routine ends in classic silent movie style, with our heroine seriously overacting Her death scene!

First Flight

to ‘Last Beat of My Heart’ by Siouxie and the Banshees

In this elegant and haunting dance of the seven veils, Cherryfox® is a butterfly shedding Her silks and beating Her wings for the first time. Using balletic inspired movements, She compares the shedding of the silks to the loss of a lover. Melancholic and entrancing, this routine shows a different side of Cherryfox®. Showcasing the beautiful leather creations of Antrobus and Grimm.

Comedy & Cheesecake Acts

Picnic for One?

to ‘Walking after Midnight’ performed by the Cowboy Junkies

There are no teddy bears at this picnic, Cherryfox® is waiting for Her man and fears She’s been stood up. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, rather than eat alone, She’ll invite you to Her picnic. With sweet comedic melancholy this routine shows the softer (and stroppier!) side of Cherryfox®.

Mad as a March Hare

to ‘Putting on the Ritz’ performed by Taco

A comedic Alice In Wonderland inspired routine. Cherryfox®, the March Hare, is late for the Mad Hatters tea party and getting dressed proves rather problematic when the other inhabitants of Wonderland have left all sorts of things lying around to hinder Her! An amusing twist on the classic burlesque “reverse strip”.

Seasonal Acts


to ‘What’s This?’ from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

A routine for Halloween or Christmas, strange but true! Cherryfox® transforms Herself into The Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, and we watch as She discovers Christmas with wonder, and reveals Her inner-Santa! A quirky and fun routine guaranteed to go down well with a more alternative audience.

Santa’s Little Helper

to 'Dat You Santy Claus' and 'Santa’s Got a Hotrod' by Brian Setzer

A super-cute cheesecake routine, with lots of audience involvement. Cherryfox® the elf is bored of Santa getting all the fun. She decides to steals some presents from the workshop and brings Christmas to the audience! Perfect for any Christmas event.

Stupid Cupid?

to ‘Stupid Cupid’ performed by Wanda Jackson

A classic cheesecake routine. Cupid’s a mean boss. After a long day working hard, our very own trainee Cupid has decided it's about time She got a bit of action Herself. Trouble is, Cupid also has a mean sense of humour and Her magic arrows only work for others. She decides to resort to more old fashioned methods of catching a mate.