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Cherryfox® Fine Photography

Cherryfox® Fine Photography offers a wide range of collaborative photography services, including portraits (personal and corporate), promotional images for performers and events, live event photography and product shots.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, in addition to studio work, Cherryfox® also offers a travelling service: bringing all the benefits of the studio to any location – be that an event, home, business premises or just about anywhere else with electricity!

For those reluctant or nervous in front of the camera, Cherryfox® Fine Photography promises to make your photographic experience as painless as possible, and hopefully even fun! Cherryfox® is also an experienced model and can help with hints and tips during your shoot to ensure that the camera shows you at your very best. References from previous clients are available on request.

Cherryfox® has a 1st Class BA(hons) in Photography from Staffordshire University and more than ten years experience as a professional photographer.