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Cherryfox® Costumes and Crafts

Cherryfox® Costumes & Crafts make high quality, one-of-a-kind, burlesque and pin-up inspired accessories and costumes, using the finest materials and workmanship.

Cherryfox® has over ten years experience making costumes for cabaret & burlesque performers. Her creations are equally suited to bridal wear, formal wear or fancy dress.

Each item is made with precision attention to detail, to look good from every angle, up close and at a distance. Items are designed to be robust enough for regular-but-careful wear, either on stage on in the real world. Fit is paramount; items are crafted to be worn comfortably for many hours…except high heels of course!

Only small accessory items like hats, fascinators, hair clips, shoe clips, neckpieces and garters are made as ‘stock’. These are available to buy via etsy. Custom orders are also taken. Larger items – shoes, corsets, gowns and costumes – are all made to order only.